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Giles Turnbull

Giles Turnbull is an expert on clear communication and working in the open.

A former member of the Government Digital Service's creative team, Giles has also worked for a number of UK government departments (including HM Land Registry, Department for Education, Homes England and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs).

He's also worked with a long list of international governments, local authorities, charities and global non-profits (including Comic Relief, The Scottish Government, the Welsh Centre for Digital Public Services, United Nations Capital Development Fund and The EdTech Hub) as well as many private sector clients.

An ex-journalist, Giles has written for the BBC, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, MacUser, Time and the Press Association, where he wrote a syndicated column about the internet for 14 years.

Giles aims to help organisations communicate more like humans do - simply, clearly and creatively. He tries to help organisations cut through their own needless corporate waffle, and get to the point.

As well as a wordsmith, Giles is a coach, collaborator and consultant, helping teams and leaders re-think the processes that help communication happen.

Giles was co-creator of the It's OK poster at GDS, which was subsequently shown at the 2017 Vienna Biennale. He was the author of A GDS Story, and set up Doing Presentations.

He has partnered with Content Design London to create training courses and masterclasses on clear, creative content. He edited the practice-defining book, Content Design.

In his spare time, he dabbles in radio broadcasting and photography.

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