Technology review

We help organisations develop a responsive, resilient and sustainable approach to their technology.

Leaders of large organisations understand the opportunity in technology, and most can distinguish hype from reality.

However, they spent most of their time hearing about issues such as technical debt, spiralling costs, vendor lock-in, skill scarcity and limited choices about their future services.

We lead comprehensive reviews of organisations’ technical infrastructure and teams to prepare for every future. We work with executive, digital and IT teams to put in place the technology and cultural changes necessary to become more adaptable and dynamic organisations.

Meet the team

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Why take stock of your technology infrastructure?

Many organisations are exposed to significant technology risk, but few know what to do about it.

Legacy IT traps organisations into spiralling costs, cyber vulnerabilities, and dependencies on scarce skills.

It also constrains their strategic choices and ability to respond to change.

We give leaders a full understanding of these risks, and how to reduce them.

We help organisations escape ageing technology stacks, and rebuild themselves around small pieces of technology, loosely joined, with their operating model optimised for adaptability.

What we do

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    We conduct thorough analysis and in-depth conversations to identify the biggest opportunities and risks.

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    We review ways of working that underpin tech decisions and how well IT and digital work with the wider organisation.

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    We give direct, candid observations and recommendations, drawing on experience and tailored to the client’s context.

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    We design a clear outcomes-based roadmap for change, prioritising the most important actions to build momentum.


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