Public Digital is a very special place to work.

As both an employer and as a community of practice, we create an environment in which everyone can do the work of their lives.

At the same time, our culture isn't set in stone. Every person who joins us helps to shape Public Digital in their own unique way. We encourage and celebrate diversity, making space to learn from each other and all the people we meet during our work.

We share a deep commitment to public purpose and the impact of our work. We know that together, we can benefit people around the world.

PD Winter Gathering 2023
Public Digital assembles for our annual Winter Gathering
Connie at Health Camp
Connie at Health Camp
Amanda Smith at Govcamp
Amanda saying it how it is at Govcamp
Public Digital in Dubai for COP28.
Onyeka, Ben and Mike in Dubai for COP28
Christine and PD colleagues during Ladies Lunch
Christine started our monthly Ladies' Lunch when she joined PD
Emma Gawen, at FWD50
FWD50, Ottawa
Public Digital definition of digital
Our definition of digital

What's it like to work at PD?

  • Open

    We work in the open. That means showing colleagues the work you are doing as you’re doing it, and talking openly about mistakes, changes and things you’ve learned. It’s good for governance and powerful for building trust.

  • Honest

    You will get candid and clear feedback from colleagues, and you will be empowered to share your feedback with others - regardless of role or hierarchy. That means you know what is going well and what can go better, helping us all improve.

  • Flexible

    We emphasise the delivery of good work: how you structure your day to do that is largely up to you. We typically work standard office hours, but give everyone the room to take care of life’s admin tasks.

  • Supportive

    You’ll never feel alone at PD. You will have a career coach, a mentor and a buddy to help you thrive, with a calendar of weekly all-hands calls, twice-yearly gatherings, regular socials, and informal groups and peer networks.


Working as a Principal Consultant at Public Digital

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How we make ethical decisions about the work we do

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Our positions

Public Digital is guided by 10 positions. In conjuction with our ethics review process, they help us decide who we partner with, and under what conditions.

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Dai, Emma and Stacey working with the California State Government
Dai, Emma and Stacey working with the California State Government
Samira, Blessing and Onyeka working in Edo State.
Samira, Blessing and Onyeka working in Edo State
Public Digital venturing the rain to visit a client
Visiting the UK’s Rural Payments Agency in the rain
The team in Parliament Hill Lido
Cate, Saw, Jesse and Connie in Parliament Hill Lido for cold water swimming