Public Digital proudly works with a network of freelance experts alongside our permanent consultancy team.

Our network has developed organically over several years and now totals over 150 members across the world.

All of them are experts in their field, whether as senior practitioners of internet-era disciplines such as service design or product management, sector specialists (for example in health and social care), or deep technology or data experts.

Our network is integral to how Public Digital operates. It helps us mobilise faster and deliver better work, by allowing us to assemble the best possible teams to tackle complex challenges.

Why join the network?

Joining our network enables our members to pursue a portfolio career, working on different projects united by a common thread: working on organisations that matter, solving problems at scale.

Our network is an important part of our culture. We keep members up to date even when they are not working on a project with us. We hold regular Network Mixers so that members can meet and learn from each other, and build strong relationships with the wider PD community.


Our positions

Public Digital is guided by 10 positions. In conjuction with our ethics review process, they help us decide who we partner with, and under what conditions.

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Being a PD Network member

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We often collaborate with network members on our Signals publication

How does it work?

The way we work with network members reflects the unique characteristics of each client engagement. If we feel that a new piece of work will benefit from expertise or experience not found in our permanent consulting team, we will get in touch to explore the opportunity together. 

Network members always work within multidisciplinary teams alongside our employed consultants.

We usually contract network members in 3-4 month stints, with typical contracts of 2-3 days per week. Some projects are longer, some are shorter, some get extended. 

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Our positions

Our values expressed in action and outcomes.

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