Angie is a Principal Consultant who helps clients establish successful delivery teams and achieve digital transformation goals.

With a background in the Latin America public sector, Angie works with governments, charities and development organisations across the globe. She supports clients in assessing their digital transformation objectives, identifying the unique challenges they face as an organisation and supporting them to reach their outcomes. She nurtures teamwork and creativity to help clients secure long-term success and better serve their communities in a fast-paced digital world. 

Clients she has supported include Bloomberg, the Inter-American Developmental Bank (IDB), and the United Nations.

As delivery management with the Nova Scotia Department for Cybersecurity and Digital Solutions, Angie helped lead a major modernization program to transform the motor vehicle registry to make driving in Nova Scotia safer, simpler and greener. Angie has also worked with NHSX Ophthalmology, helping to systemise learnings from the transformation of eye care into the beginnings of a replicable model for other clinical pathways.

Angie also has experience in data-driven organisations, helping public sector institutions harness the power of data. In her work with the Greater London Authority, she helped to introduce the concept of Data as a Service, supporting the development of a new data services strategy for City Hall to deliver data services for staff and citizens more effectively.

Prior to joining Public Digital, Angie worked as a policy advisor in the Argentine public sector, working with both the National Government and the Buenos Aires City Government. 

She is a trustee for and a Charity Officer for Sports Club Argentina FC.