Financial services

We help financial services become more dynamic and responsive amid massive technological disruption.

With huge investment flowing into new fintech products and services, we help banks, insurance providers and financial regulators transform their operating models to become more agile and user-centred.

We grow digital capability and introduce user-centred ways of working, so old institutions can adapt rapidly to changing customer expectations and market volatility.

Public Digital and HSBC
Digital transformation at one of the world’s largest banks
A screengrab of some of the work on user research with a financial institution

What we do

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    We review organisations’ technology stacks and digital maturity, helping then reduce risk in their operating model.

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    We coach and support leaders delivering complex transformation programmes so they are set up for success.

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    We design and deliver bespoke scaled programmes to upskill leaders and teams in digital ways of working.

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    We help financial institutions embed user-centred design and run beacon projects to showcase its impact.

Our experience

Our team has experience of working alongside senior executives in global commercial banking, international development funders, and regulated insurance firms. Our recent work includes engagements with HSBC, the Phoenix Group, Interbank and the Inter-American Development Bank.

We work with board-level executives to develop their digital strategies, redesign their organisations’ operating models, review misfiring major technology programmes, and build exemplar services to attract new customers and show the commercial benefits of customer-centred approaches.

Meet the team

Phoenix building at Withers 20 Old Bailey in London

Adopting new ways of working for faster delivery: Phoenix Group

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Executive development

We train, coach and advise executives on how to lead organisations through digital transformation.

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