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How we can help your organisation deal with the Coronavirus

We’ve been helping governments and public health authorities all over the world launch coronavirus websites. We can help businesses reform through this period. Find out how here.

We’re based in London and work globally.

Digital transformation is the act of radically changing how your organisation works, so that it can survive and thrive in the internet era. We help make it happen, at scale, by working directly with both the leaders doing strategy and the teams doing delivery.

We focus on outcomes

Most of our work is done through long-term engagements, for at least a year. We support our clients through significant change, and help them deliver tangible outcomes. For example, we:

Madagascar team
Sonja, Stef, Emily and Kishor (from Caribou Digital) in Madagascar. Photo: Kishor Nagula

Our services meet your needs

We’ve designed our services to meet the needs of transformation directors, CTOs, CDOs, CEOs, and senior political leaders such as presidents and prime ministers.

We typically start most engagements with one of these services, customised to meet your specific needs, such as:

“I need to understand how to repurpose, manage or reset our legacy IT, so that we can build modern digital services”
Start with a technology audit: members of our technology practice work closely with your team to properly understand the context, and write up a detailed set of actionable recommendations.
“I need my peers at Board or Cabinet level to understand digital transformation, so that they can support it.”
We’ll help you win a mandate, and explain what digital transformation is and means to the people who need to understand it better.
“I need to set up an excellent digital delivery team, so that we can get transformation started.”
We can help you set up a digital team, by planning roles, team structures and recruitment. We can help find specific individuals for key roles.
“I need expert, independent advice that helps me understand why my transformation programme is off track or failing to deliver, so that I can take appropriate action.”
We can conduct a programme review, where members of our strategy practice examine the work done to date and the context it sits in, before making recommendations for change.
“I need to quickly understand what digital capability my organisation has now, so that I can judge how much to invest and where to invest it.”
We’ll run a digital capability assessment, where members of our team analyse your existing culture, processes and operating models and recommend ways to change it.
“I need my staff to feel confident and inspired, so that they deliver their best work.”
We will speak or present at your event. Or visit your teams and talk to them directly.

These services are typical starting points, but every organisation is different; everyone is starting from a different place. We’re not like other consultants, because we make an effort to understand your circumstances and context, and give you advice that’s tailored to them.

Let’s start a conversation

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