Executive development

We train, coach and advise executives on how to lead organisations through digital transformation.

Today’s leaders have to guide their organisations through constant change. Curiosity and confidence about technology and digital ways of working is essential to avoid expensive IT or change management failures.

Our support includes one-to-one and group coaching, executive training courses, and ongoing advisory services for leaders of complex change programmes.

Meet the team

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Why invest in executive development

Digital transformation is fundamentally a leadership challenge.

Technology has radically changed customers’ expectations, what services look like, and the shape of organisations that provide them.

It also demands new leadership skills and styles. 

IT and digital can no longer be a separate organisational silo: they are every leader’s responsibility.

This means understanding the right questions to ask, differentiating between tech hype and genuine opportunity, and practising a leadership style which sets clear outcomes and empowers teams to deliver them.

What we do

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    We provide one-to-one executive coaching and advice through large scale digital and service transformation projects.

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    We run bespoke development programmes for boards and senior leaders to nurture a common digital leadership approach.

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    We deliver training programmes for managers, embedding shared ways of working across large organisations.

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    We second experienced interim executives to demonstrate what good digital and technology leadership looks like, and onboard their successors. 


How executives can support teams and change institutional ways of working

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