Philippa is an operational delivery specialist who works to deliver lasting change for organisations and their users.

She brings broad experience working across central government and third-sector organisations to improve people’s experience and understanding of what it means to be ‘digital’, and break down barriers to digital transformation. With expertise in multidisciplinary working and operational leadership, Philippa supports clients to simplify complex challenges in order to deliver impactful change for their people, as well as for those they serve.

Clients she has worked with include Unicef UK, Sport England and DEFRA. She also helped to coordinate the Shaping our Collective Digital Future convening in 2022, hosted by the Rockefeller Foundation.

Philippa serves as the engagement lead for our work with the Open University. She acts as a partner offering long term strategic support, steering the university to become an outcome-focused organisation led by their people and students to deliver services.

Philippa also led our engagement with the Department for Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), where she brought together senior leaders to create teams that can deliver, breaking down barriers between policy, digital and operations to engender an environment for true multidisciplinary working.

Prior to joining Public Digital, Philippa was an operational lead on both frontline delivery and digital development of the UK Government's Universal Credit programme , ensuring the effective delivery of digital services. She led internal communications across Universal Credit operations, and created and led a Customer Insight and Intelligence team which advocated for greater use of customer related data to support the delivery of digital services. Philippa has worked within the Home Office, DEFRA, Ministry of Defence and DWP in the UK Government’s Fast Stream.