De-risking programmes

We help organisations set up large-scale technology-enabled change programmes for success.

Too many big programmes go over budget, miss deadlines, or fail to deliver their promised value. Often the seeds of failure are sown early, with high dependency on risky assumptions based on false certainty, and a rush to define solutions before the problem is properly understood.

We show leaders and teams different approaches to transformation that reduce risk, and help turn around programmes that are foundering.

Meet the team

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Why adopt a different approach to change

It is estimated that three quarters of big IT and change programmes fail.

Yet even when scarred by past experience, many organisations carry on working in the same way.

They set up large-scale transformation programmes with heavy dependency on big technology investments, backed by a business case in which the numbers add up only if everything goes to plan.

We help organisations to change how they manage change. This includes reviewing and rebalancing organisations’ portfolios, and showing where continually supported services are a more sustainable way of achieving change than a succession of big programmes.

What we do

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    We audit large technology-enabled transformation programmes to identify issues and provide recommendations.   

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    We coach programme sponsors and leaders in new ways of working to give clear direction while derisking delivery.

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    We bring strategy, operations and technology delivery closer together to deliver outcomes in a confident, agile and user-centred way.

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    We help organisations move beyond funding and governance models that fix outputs, costs, and timescales far too early.


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