Data strategy

We help businesses and governments develop their strategic approach to data.

Organisations make important and difficult decisions every day. Doing that well relies on data being collected, shared and used in the right way.

Data-informed businesses and governments are more customer-centred, efficient and impactful, and they know whether their services are meeting users’ needs.

We help organisations transition to this way of working, nurturing a healthy data culture and building the right supporting data infrastructure and capabilities.

Meet the Data team

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Why invest in data strategy?

Collecting, sharing and publishing data in the right way enables organisations to deliver services which meet people’s needs and achieve positive and equitable outcomes.

But achieving transition to this way of working can be hard.

In many businesses and public bodies, data is still collected in inconsistent ways and held in silos. Leaders may not feel technically confident enough to ask the right questions about data, while teams often lack access to the right data capabilities. This means decisions end up being reactive, rather than user-focussed and strategic.

A good data strategy sets out the organisation’s starting point, and the practical steps to introduce and scale good data practices.

What we do

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    We undertake capability assessments to determine an organisation’s maturity and the right priorities to improve their data practices and make better use of existing data.

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    We work with stakeholders to co-design a data strategy that supports the organisation’s goals and improves equitable outcomes for their users.

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    We coach and train leaders to increase their confidence in using data to make better strategic and operational decisions.

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    We support the development of data service standards, communities of practice, and better engagement with service users.


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