Audree leads digital transformation and design programmes for major public sector organisations.

She is highly experienced in digital transformation, helping large organisations to set goals and address knotty internal issues, equipping them with the tools they need, and providing leadership coaching to make change happen.

She is also an expert in service and organisational design, applying research and behavioural insights, as well as strategy and leadership coaching, to help clients adapt processes to enable them to design and deliver more agile and user-centred services.

Audree has worked with major institutions including the Home Office, UK Parliament, Arup, Ofcom and Open University, leading programmes of research and strategy to help them transform their services.

Audree worked closely with Arup’s digital technology leaders and the group board to identify key opportunities and devise robust recommendations to enable them to achieve their digital ambitions. Her deep expertise in establishing the conditions for agile, user-centred change in large organisations equipped her to craft a highly resonant strategic narrative and case for change, resulting in a significant shift in the organisation’s approach to digital transformation.

For the NHS Business Services Authority, Audree worked with senior data leaders as a trusted partner, helping them to provide clearer focus and direction for their data teams, and work more cohesively as a leadership team. Her support enabled them to deliver the data and insight needed for improved decision-making, service delivery and ultimately better health outcomes.

Prior to joining Public Digital, Audree was Chief Digital Officer at the Department for International Trade, and Service Director at NHS Test and Trace, where she was the lead for equity and inclusion. During the pandemic, her teams worked to ensure that services across all service channels - from apps, and contact centres, through to in-person test centres - were designed to be accessible for everyone who needed them.