Health and care

We help health and care organisations redesign how they work and deliver services to improve everyone’s experience of care.

New health technology is improving how people can be treated and cared for, but redesigning how health systems work to best support patients remains exceptionally hard.

Many services remain siloed, with poor data sharing, systems that don’t talk to each other, or clunky digital products. Transformation can be held back by institutional norms, short-term decision making or change fatigue.

We work with health and care providers and across systems to change their ways of working, ultimately achieving the full promise of digital and improving people's outcomes.

What we do

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    We build the digital capability of healthcare organisations, and build new digital ways of working to improve services and reduce risk.

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    We help redesign healthcare system and provider operating models to deliver better outcomes for patients.

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    We coach healthcare leaders, providing them with the knowledge and experience to deliver transformational digitally-enabled change.

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    We co-design new digital healthcare products and services in complex multi-stakeholder contexts.

Chris, Connie and Lou from NHS Providers on site at Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust
Chris, Connie and Lou from NHS Providers on site at Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust
Rewired 2023
Cate on stage at Digital Health Rewired, talking on a panel alongside the Rt Hon Patricia Hewitt

Meet the team

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Our experience

We are a team of senior digital, technology and transformation practitioners with experience designing, delivering and scaling critical healthcare products.

We helped redesign the operating model of NHS England’s Digital Directorate and have worked with multiple NHS trusts on service redesign and digital maturity. We have also delivered digital development coaching to 150 NHS Trusts and Integrated Care Boards.

Our team’s experience also includes delivering NHS App, 111 Online and Covid-19 National Testing Service, and successful transformation at Trust and ICS level.

Outside of the NHS, we have led digital transformation in medical research, leading pharmaceutical companies, and national charities. We also work with local government to improve children and adult social care outcomes, and we have supported international governments on their digital health strategies.

The challenge of digital transformation in health and care is uniquely specialist. Our multidisciplinary team includes expert digital leaders from clinical, product, delivery and research backgrounds. Our wider network includes experts in critical health technologies such as Electronic Patient Records, imaging, health population analytics, machine learning and AI.

The Public Digital team with the NHS Race and Health Observatory

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Chris Fleming at UK Health Camp
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