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Emily Webber

Emily Webber is an agile and digital delivery expert, with a background in art and design. Her focus is on how people work together, giving people the skills they need and creating the right environment for delivery.

She was the head of agile delivery at the Government Digital Service, where she built, developed and led a team of about 40 agile delivery professionals. At GDS, she created the widely-followed approach and maturity model for communities of practice, and subsequently authored Building Successful Communities of Practice.

Emily is a popular keynote speaker and event organiser. She has spoken at Mind the Product London, GOTO Copenhagen and Craft. Emily set up Agile in Leeds, Agile on the Bench, and Agile in the Ether, among others. Her experiences on the event circuit prompted her to create the Diversity Charter.

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  • Communities of practice
  • Productive, healthy, happy, diverse teams
  • Making agile techniques work
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