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Paula Le Dieu

Paula Le Dieu is a strategist, service designer and digital transformation consultant based in Sydney, Australia. She specialises in the unique challenges faced by galleries, libraries, archives, museums (collectively known as “GLAMs”) and public media organisations. She has spoken at events hosted by the World Trade Organisation and the G8.

Previously in London, Paula was Programme Director for the groundbreaking R&D project Creative Archive, an important catalyst for GLAMs and public media to radically re-evaluate their role and relevance in the digital age. Later at the British Film Institute (BFI) she was responsible for a ‘full stack’ digital transformation programme that included archive and asset management systems, desktop services, ticketing and CRM systems, as well as the BFI’s audience-facing digital services and experiences.

Paula has also worked for Creative Commons and the Mozilla Foundation; and consulted for The Guardian, Arts Council England, Cabinet Office and Doteveryone among many others. Since moving to Sydney she’s worked for New York City Public Library, Australian GLAM leadership, an IoT for the arts start-up, as well as local government arts policy and practice.

Paula has a history of mentoring artists and small arts organisation, and has sat on the boards of Sheffield Documentary Festival, the Open Knowledge Foundation, and advisory board of the Open Rights Group.

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  • Digital transformation in GLAMs and public media
  • Great service design for great audience experiences
  • Applying digital thinking to artist and curatorial practice
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