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Mark Lerner

Mark Lerner is an engineer, strategist, and design advocate with expertise in digital transformation. He focuses on empowering teams and improving critical services through technology and design.

He most recently served as the Deputy Executive Director of the U.S. Digital Service team at the Department of Homeland Security, where he led and empowered a team of 30 engineers, product managers, and designers to improve critical services serving immigrants, asylum seekers, disaster survivors, and schools.

Previously, Mark was a software engineer at Google, largely working on the Google for Nonprofits program, which he expanded to 30 countries outside of the United States, enabling nonprofits across the world to access modern tools and advertising capital for free. Mark has also provided pro-bono consulting for the City of San Francisco to improve affordable housing programs through technology and design, leading to the creation of, an award-winning affordable housing service.

Ask Mark about:

  • building empowered teams
  • organisational structures based on services
  • design strategy and service design
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