Dan Sheldon

Health Technology Specialist




Dan Sheldon is a digital specialist working in healthcare. He is currently leading the digital transformation of one of the UK’s largest pharmacy chains, Well Pharmacy. Since founding Well Digital in 2017 he has launched a new digital prescriptions venture, the UK’s first erectile dysfunction medication subscription service, and business-wide platforms for fulfilment and notifications. Dan helped Well Digital set and deliver a new business strategy to prepare the bricks-and-mortar pharmacy for the digital age.

Previously, Dan was digital strategy lead for NHS.UK and the Department of Health where he helped start a user-centred approach to NHS digital services. At the Government Digital Service he was senior advisor to the Goverment CTO, leading on healthcare. Outside of the UK, Dan has advised governments and healthcare services in Ontario, Israel and Puerto Rico on digital transformation.

Dan is a member of the UK Government’s HealthTech Advisory Board. He is the author of the Government IT Self-Harm Playbook.

Ask Dan about:

  • How to bring healthcare into the digital age
  • Stopping IT self-harm