Digital Transformation at scale: why the strategy is delivery (updated 2nd edition)

The second edition goes into more detail about which institutions had a more effective digital response to Covid-19, and why. It also talks about some of the topics that were emergent in 2018, but now loom larger in a digital team’s thoughts: things like digital sovereignty, inclusivity and growth, and how to structure the data underpinning the whole edifice.

We’ve also picked out what lessons newer digital teams in government can take from the UK, so they can plan for some of the known unknowns. What happens when ministers change, practitioners move on, and you’re seen as part of furniture rather than the next new thing?

It’s available to buy now direct from the publisher, from Amazon, or Book Depository.

Digital Transformation at scale: why the strategy is delivery (Japanese translation)

A Japanese translation of the second edition of Public Digital's book, Digital Transformation at Scale can be bought here.

Digital Transformation at scale: why the strategy is delivery

This book is a guide to building a digital institution. It explains how a growing band of reformers in businesses and governments around the world have helped their organisations pivot to this new way of working, and what lessons others can learn from their experience.

It’s available to buy now direct from the publisher, from Amazon, or Book Depository.

“Now more than ever we need to take the chance to shape the digital world as it shapes us. All governments and large organisations must take part. The story in this powerful book is essential reading.”

Martha Lane FoxBaroness Lane-Fox of Soho

“The transformation the authors led in the UK sparked change around the world, including in the Obama White House. Their approach broke open decades of dysfunction and made the public believe in government. That belief is foundational to our democracy.”

Jen PahlkaExecutive Director of Code for America

“Business transformation is hard. Government transformation is harder. But both must make the transition to the digital age if they are to thrive. This is THE invaluable guide to bringing legacy institutions into the twenty-first century."

Tim O’ReillyFounder and CEO, O’Reilly Media

“The Government Digital Service was one of the great unsung triumphs of the last Parliament. This book is indispensable for any leader looking to emulate that success.”

David CameronPrime Minister of the United Kingdom (2010–15)

“An important and timely book. Dealing with government online should be as easy as ordering from Amazon. The UK model – acting like a start-up rather than a traditional government agency – is one from which all big organisations should learn.”

Malcolm TurnbullPrime Minister of Australia (2015–2018)


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