Welcoming 7 new affiliates to our network

  • 4 June 2020
Today we welcome 7 more affiliates to the Public Digital affiliates network.
7 headshots of the 7 new affiliates. 4 in the top row, 3 underneath

They are:

And 2 who aren’t entirely new to Public Digital. They are:

We’re so pleased they agreed to become affiliates and strengthen what is already a network we’re very proud of and thankful for.

We now have 41 affiliates across 7 countries and 5 continents – and we’re excited about the governments and businesses we can support more effectively due to our affiliates’ diverse specialist knowledge and their geographical locations.

(Remote) networking with the network

We think it’s important for affiliates and PD colleagues to have an understanding of each other’s skills so we all have an idea about what we can offer. To help, each time we welcome new affiliates we bring everyone together to say hello. This will happen later today after a few short updates on what we’ve been working on recently.

Of course, everyone will be remote this time, but even when the crisis is over we’re likely to have more and more remote attendees as we partner with more affiliates across the globe.

More of this please

We announced our first 10 affiliates in January 2019. Since then they’ve advised private sector clients, state and national governments on hiring, strategy, legacy IT assessment, communication, content design, agile delivery, procurement, technology policy, communities of practice.

And lots more.

We’re proud to be able to offer governments and businesses such a diverse range of expertise. Watch this space.

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