1 year of the affiliates network, 13 new affiliates today

Photos of our latest affiliates
Our latest affiliates

Today we’re announcing 13 new members of the Public Digital affiliates network, bringing the total number of affiliates to 34.

They are:

We’re incredibly excited to see the network growing into new areas of expertise. Our affiliates help us deliver a wider variety of services, to more clients in more places around the world, faster than before. We’re grateful to all of them for agreeing to be part of our network.

We think it’s important that affiliates know each other too. The better they know what skills and experience exist across the network, the better we can help clients solve their problems.

That’s why later this week, we’ll be hosting the second affiliates get-together event in London. There’ll be updates from members of the PD team, and specialist talks by existing affiliates Catherine Breslin and Heidi Uchiyama.

Not a bad start

We made our first announcement about affiliates in January this year, with the first set of 10.

Since then, members of the network have (among other things):

  • helped a state government with its legacy IT
  • helped another state government set its digital strategy
  • helped an R&D team at a large global manufacturer
  • played a part in the work we’ve begun in Madagascar
  • worked with us and local team on the CA.gov alpha
  • helped us find people to fill a variety of roles for a number of clients
  • advised private sector clients, state and national governments on hiring, strategy, legacy IT assessment, communication, content design, agile delivery, procurement, technology policy, communities of practice and much more
  • worked with our partners IDEO, BCG and Caribou Digital

That’s a pretty good start. In one year, we’re up to 34 affiliates, and we don’t intend to stop there. Next year, we’ll add more people, and do more things.

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