Hosting the UNDP Ukraine study tour

Public Digital are absolutely thrilled to share that we have been selected to partner with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Ukraine to design and deliver a study tour in the UK for the women leading digital transformation across Ukraine.

This work is part of the UNDP Digital, Inclusive, Accessible: Support to Digitalisation of State Services in Ukraine (DIA Support) project, which is implemented with funding from Sweden. Promotion of gender equality and women’s empowerment are crucial to the mandate of UNDP, and one of their strategic aims is to promote women’s national-and-local-level representation and leadership. The Leadership Programme was designed to empower those women working in the field of digitalisation, policy design, and reengineering of public services.

One of the core components of the Leadership Programme is this study tour, which aims to strengthen the expertise and capabilities of the cohort by enabling them to exchange knowledge and skills with leading UK digital teams, widely regarded as being among the international pioneers of digital transformation and digitisation of public services.

During their visit later this year, the cohort will hear from Public Digital’s founders on how and why they established GDS. They will also convene with a range of Public Digital’s experts to learn about their experiences leading digital transformation in central and local governments across the world, as well as the latest and emerging patterns we are seeing day-to-day in government, including digital identity, scaling government platforms, shifting power dynamics through co-design and digital public goods/infrastructure.

The study tour will cover a range of topics, including: inclusive, accessible & user-centred design; whole service transformation and how to bring policy, digital & operations together; leading and delivering in a crisis; delivery throughout constraints; organisational design, culture, and ways of working; adaptive design for ever-changing user needs and how to scale up successfully.

We have been so inspired by the resilience of the people of Ukraine over the past few years, and it is truly a privilege to be involved in the important, purposeful work of supporting their digital leaders.

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