Digital transformation programme for Spanish-speaking public sector leaders

    We’re excited to host an 8-week programme on digital transformation in the public sector in partnership with IE Publictech Lab, part of IE University in Spain. The course will be delivered in Spanish and is aimed at those who lead digital transformation programmes in public administrations in Latin America, the Caribbean and Spain.

    You can read this post in Spanish here.

    Designed in response to the pandemic

    The pandemic forced a large part of the world’s population to interact with local and national public services so they could receive healthcare, welfare payments as well as the latest advice from their government. The crisis highlighted the importance of clear, accessible and robust public services and the urgent need for the public sector to adapt to the Internet era so they can serve their citizens efficiently. The course is designed in response to the pandemic and aims to equip leaders with the skills and knowledge to accelerate transformation processes in their organisation.

    Lectures from international Digital experts

    We’ve invited a public sector Digital expert to speak at each of the 8 sessions. We’ll hear from:

    • Aura Cifuentes, Director of Digital Government in Colombia, on Working in the open: Best practices and strategies to show the work that is being done and enhance the transformation process.

    • Yolanda Martínez, Former coordinator of the national digital strategy in Mexico, on People-centered design: Introduction to user-centric research and design, and UX-centric product evolution.

    • Mara Balestrini, Innovation consultant and Human Computer Interaction (HCI) researcher on the need for A public sector based on data: How data can create public value.

    • Santiago Graña, Deputy Director General for the Promotion of the Digitization of the Administration of Spain, on Crisis management: in permanent beta phase.

    • Cecilia Klappenbach, Former Undersecretary of Public Employment in Argentina, on Building teams: The importance of the diversity of profiles, knowledge and proper team management.

    • Mike Bracken, Partner at Public Digital, Former Executive Director of Digital of the UK Government, on being Digital by Default: What is digital and the challenges towards digital transformation.

    • Idoia Ortiz De Artiñano, Director and founder at IE Publictech lab, on New ecosystems of public innovation: Govtech: New challenges, new solutions.

    • Dan Abadie, Former Undersecretary of Digital Government of Argentina on The strategy is delivery: How to go from a 300 page strategy to an agile and adaptable roadmap.

    The course will take place online between 21 May and 9 July 2021.

    You can read more information here.

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