These are voices worth hearing


This is Signals.

It’s a short book of interesting articles from people we admire. We’ve printed a few hundred copies to give away to clients and contacts over the next few months. You could think of it as a collection of blog posts you can read without having to click on anything.

Signals flat plans stuck on the wall
Flat planning and mocking up on the wall

A laptop showing a double page spread of the book, with the word MAP in large letters
The day we decided to include a map

It’s aimed at practitioners in digital teams, and it’s mostly written by people who work in teams like that, or have done in the past. Each piece is a snippet of wisdom, or a curious observation, about how things are done differently in different places. Each piece is a little emerging signal of what’s uppermost in the minds of digital delivery experts. We think all of them have interesting things to say. We think they’re all voices worth hearing.

We’re grateful to Angie Kenny, Alice Newton-Rex, Emilie Colker, Heidi Uchiyama, Gabriella Razzano, Sarah Richards and Kate Tarling, who all wrote contributions alongside our own Emma Gawen and Emily Middleton. Thanks all.

Pages of Signals displayed on a computer screen during the layout phase of production
Layout phase

Signals postcards to use as compliment slips
Postcards to put in envelopes

If people like it, we might make another one next year. It won’t be yellow though, it will probably be magenta.

A copy of Signals and a cup of tea sitting on a table
Goes well with a cup of tea.

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