Rate external performance

Using a model developed with our partners at Harvard Kennedy public policy school at Harvard University, we review and assess your whole organisation. We establish external and internal benchmarks, where the blockers are, and where you could excel.

Our digital maturity assessment gives you a clear picture of your organisation today, how it compares to others, and its potential.

The digital maturity assessment

The digital maturity assessment shows you where your team is within the context of global best practice. It is an academically rigorous scorecard that looks at several themes:

  • Political environment
  • Institutional capacity
  • Delivery capability
  • Skills and hiring
  • User centred design
  • Cross-government platforms, if appropriate

Within these themes, we then break out what we’ve heard are the most important components of success. Instead of vanity metrics like the number of projects completed, we present a model that captures the organisational development of digital services. The assessment also gives clear direction on the opportunities particular to your organisation.

What Public Digital will do

We’ll map your team on these dimensions, and show you how to move forward.

Your outcome

You’ll know how your organisation is performing compared to industry best practice. You’ll have a clearer picture of how to improve.

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