Inform your work

Our research will tell you who is doing what, what’s possible and how, and where you sit in an international ecosystem of data, software and services. You will have situational awareness: you'll see who the players are and how to engage with them.

Technology and policy don’t stand still. We will keep you and your organisation informed of international best practice, and the developments in technology, software and services that are crucial to your organisation.

Pathfinding research

A comprehensive and specialist investigation of best practice, standards and innovation, including:

  • Conducting national and international studies
  • Interviews with experts, teams and governments
  • Review of relevant technologies, governance, policies and methodologies
  • Identifying potential partners and competitors
  • Proposing recommendations and roadmaps
  • Convening relevant parties to the research and the findings

What Public Digital will do

Public Digital will provide a team to research the area of interest - whether it’s government policy, a new technology, or a landscape of competitors. According to your needs, we will commission studies or reports and share findings to support your organisation’s goals.

Your outcome

You and your organisation will understand the detail, complexities and potential of the subject area.

Public Digital


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Our Positions

Our values expressed in action and outcomes.

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