Assess your capability

We perform a functional review of the people, skills, data and capabilities inside your organisation. Capabilities are often hidden or overlooked in organisations moving at speed. We identify technical and functional capacity, what gaps exist, and what potential there is to improve capability.

Where you work with partners and vendors, we identify and assess better, faster, more flexible alternatives to traditional IT and consultancy solutions.

The programme review

We will provide an independent intensive review of your digital programme. We will identify factors which will put programme outcomes at risk, and make recommendations for your team and across your wider organisation that will support effective delivery. We’ll evaluate:

  • Business model and strategy
  • Prioritisation and roadmap
  • Technology strategy
  • Approach to change
  • Ways of working between the programme and other teams in your wider organisation
  • Team structure and capabilities

What Public Digital will do

Public Digital will provide a team of expert reviewers with many years experience in government digital programmes and major project assurance reviews. Our team will use workshops, interviews and document and data reviews to understand the current state and make recommendations.

Your outcome

You’ll see where you are and what you’ve achieved.

You’ll have a clearer view of where to go next. And how to get there.

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