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Dave Rogers

Dave Rogers is a technology and digital specialist, with leadership experience in digital delivery and transformation, user-centered service and policy design, cyber security, and technology transformation. Dave was previously Chief Technology Officer at the UK’s Ministry of Justice.

As a member of the Government Digital Service transformation team, Dave helped found and grow the UK Ministry of Justice Digital team in 2013. Over six years, he helped transform justice in England and Wales through the delivery of technology and the application of user-centered design.

Prior to working in government, Dave worked at the BBC and The Guardian. During his time in government, he was a programme board member at both the Department for Education, and then for a combined programme by House of Commons, House of Lords, National Archives and devolved Parliaments and Assemblies.

Dave is a regular writer and speaker on themes such as legacy technology, hype technology, transformation and sustainability of technology.

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  • Sustainable innovation
  • Building high-performing teams
  • Modernising legacy technology at scale
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