Martha’s Madcap Mountain Mission

Martha with Tom, Mike and Ben
Martha visiting our office last year. Pictured with Tom, Mike and Ben

Without Martha Lane Fox there would be no Public Digital. There would be no Government Digital Service. There would be no GOV.UK. 

Martha’s relentlessly optimistic advocacy of all things digital and public has improved the lives of millions of people in the UK - and beyond.

In her own inimitable fashion, Martha has now decided to climb the UK’s three highest mountains in support of four charities of which she’s patron. That’s a sentence that’s easy to write, but hard to digest for anyone who has met Martha in the 20 years since a terrible car crash which left her in hospital for two years with 26 broken bones and means she uses two sticks to walk.

If anyone can pull off this frankly alarming madcap mountain mission, it’s Martha. 

We’ll be with her in spirit, and sponsoring her is the very least we can do.


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