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We’re a values-driven group of people and we’re a values-driven business.

It’s hard to be a values-driven organisation without clearly articulating them. So last year we started to write down our values. Despite our best intentions they were too generic. Unintentionally they had ended up not sounding like us, so we changed direction and instead we wrote down the positions we hold on certain issues.

This has allowed us to be a bit more pointed and more timely. Positions can evolve over time. These are of course informed by our values but these positions feel like a clearer, more direct articulation of them. They better reflect who we are as an organisation.

One of the reasons for doing this is to help us navigate who we partner with and who we work with. Given the nature of the work we do and the size of our ambition there are no simple or easy answers here. So we have also created Criteria to help us evaluate new opportunities and an Ethics & Risk committee to discuss borderline cases. We will blog about that separately.

One of the positions we hold is that ‘openness is something all organisations should value and practice’ therefore today we are publishing our positions in full here and they will live permanently at

PD team at work
PD team at work

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Our positions

Our values expressed in action and outcomes.

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