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Public Digital's code of conduct


Public Digital started in 2016 to help global institutions that matter to thrive in the internet era. We are digital practitioners with a global reputation and contacts all over the world at the most senior levels of government, business and multilateral institutions. Since the start, we’ve worked with more than 30 governments on six continents, and some of the world’s biggest companies.

We have grown on the strength of our collective reputation, having brought together a group of people who are experienced, respected leaders in the field and we’ve recently joined the kyu Collective, opening up a whole set of exciting new connections.

We challenge the traditional consulting approach. We help our clients make digital transformation by radically changing the way they work.


We share this Code, our fundamental approach to how we do business and it will constantly evolve.

Everything we do, our decisions and actions will be with integrity, upholding the highest standards of respect, dignity, as well as compliance. We recognise that we all impact Public Digital’s reputation and that’s good, we are confident and have trust in what our people do and how they do it, no question.

We are inclusive, collaborative people aligned to a common purpose. We work with complete honesty with each other, our clients, partners and suppliers and would never expect any of our people to compromise their own values nor stray from their moral compass or set of beliefs.

We all shape and develop our culture through our behaviours, in what we do and how we do it and we are continually evolving, learning and growing as a business and as people.

We all have a voice. We all take responsibility in upholding our values and are empowered to raise concerns when an action, comment, behaviour or response does not meet our business and personal values, makes us feel uncomfortable or simply does not feel right.

Our people are supported and facilitated to have a voice by our leaders, colleagues and peers to work safely, happily and securely in everything we do. No exceptions.

We can only move forward through, and with complete trust. This trust is in each other, the clients with whom we engage, in our delivery, our partnerships and our enjoyment of our work. Moving forward with trust keeps us together, makes us stronger and places us in the best position to tackle challenges along our journey.


We are a values driven group of people and business. Our values are articulated

in our positions which define who we are.

Public purpose defines us and our work

We want to do work that benefits the world and improves lives. We’re not interested in projects that are simply about selling more unsustainable goods, or for the financial benefit of a small number of already-wealthy individuals. We want to work on things that matter, because they help ordinary people.

Working at scale is the best way to make that positive difference

We work with presidents, prime ministers and CEOs because they influence large budgets and large organisations. Focusing on the biggest problems will have the greatest impact for the largest number of people.

Optimism counts in an era where pessimism is prevalent

We have worked with too many good people, in too many different parts of the world, to see the world any other way. We believe that most people want to do the best work that they can, to improve the lives of as many people as possible.

Internet-era ways of working are the key to successful transformation

They are often not that hard to implement, if they have support and explicit encouragement from the people at the very top. Most teams know what they need to do in order to change; what they lack is permission to get on with it.

Community and consensus were the values that shaped the internet from its earliest days, and we think they matter

We don’t blindly follow the high-paid person’s opinion.

Teams are the fundamental unit of delivery

If you want your organisation to deliver, and to truly transform itself for the internet era, you should start funding teams instead of projects.

The best teams are diverse teams. We value and encourage diversity. We recognise that the Public Digital team is still not diverse enough, and we’re striving to improve that.

Honesty is a valuable asset

We tell our clients what they need to hear, even if it’s not necessarily good news, or news they want to hear. Even when it’s not in our best interest to tell them. We believe our clients benefit from openness and candour.

Openness is something all organisations should value and practice

We’re as open as we can be without breaking client confidentiality. We believe that making things open makes them better.

We’re pragmatists; we know not everything can be perfect, all of the time

We know that circumstances and events can sometimes interfere with the best-laid plans. We accept that the real world sometimes gets in the way; that’s why we advocate agile ways of working.


We create a great place to work. Where all our people are empowered to do the best work they can by feeling respected, safe and valued.

We have a reputation as individuals and as a business. How we treat each other, our clients, our stakeholders and our suppliers. Our behaviour provides a window on how we are viewed as a business, as well as how connected we feel to the business and each other. We all contribute to this.

We operate ethically and sustainably as a business and do not tolerate any form of:

  • bribery or corruption;

  • human rights abuses;

  • human trafficking or modern day slavery;

  • insider trading or tax evasion;

  • misrepresentation of our business;

  • unlawful activity within the bounds of law in any country or region in which we operate;

  • abuse of our positions or values.

And we follow all appropriate:

  • fiduciary and tax regulatory and compliance across all geographical locations;

  • data management law, confidentiality, safely and securely, within each country of operation;

  • international trade regulations;

  • regulatory and compliance requirements within the sphere of our operations and delivery globally.

We have a range of accessible policies which define our standpoint on varied operational, financial, employment, compliance and regulatory matters.


Without question and without exception, with dignity and respect.

Our positions guide us in how we work and our culture provides the foundation and framework for how these are delivered in everything we do.

We attract, engage, retain, develop, reward and progress people, facilitating their journey with us, as well as their overall career journey. We help and support people's growth and develop potential.

Our behaviours, whether in actions or words, will always be respectful. All of our people will be treated as they expect and wish to be treated and will do the same for others. Our work environment will not tolerate any form of discrimination, disrespect, unkindness, harassment, bullying, intimidation or victimisation. Period.

Our Dignity at Work Policy sets out standards expected and those behaviours which will not be tolerated.

We work collaboratively and honestly with each other, but with honesty comes kindness. Feedback is a gift. People are empowered to do their best work and enjoy what they do with support, recognition and by feeling valued. Trust is key and we expect all people to lead by example in their work, actions, behaviours and in their decision making.

Our people are our value creators. Our people leaders will encourage, nurture and develop people to their full potential, facilitating enjoyment and delight in people’s work and career.

PD is an inclusive work environment recognising value and contribution based on people’s potential, strengths, abilities, backgrounds, experiences as well as their unique differences. We are striving to be more diverse in our practice and we know where we need to improve and we are doing something about it.

Our Diversity Policy sets out our approach to equality of opportunity and we strive to make all people feel welcome, included and valued. We treat everyone fairly and respectfully and we do so openly and with integrity regardless of sex, race, marriage or civil partnership, gender reassignment, pregnancy or maternity, sexual orientation, religion or belief, disability and age.

Equality of opportunity extends across all of our employment and engagement practice and our decision making.

We have created a safe work environment which facilitates both physical and mental good health. Our Mental Health Plan and Guidance document is aimed at facilitating and promoting positive mental health.


We take time to identify the right clients with whom we work and can make a difference to ordinary people’s lives.

As deliverers, we strive to provide the best possible digital transformation experience for our clients. We do the right thing, at the right time and in the right way for our clients. Always.

Again, our positions guide how we deliver our work and our actions and interactions build trust in our brand and ensure future success for both our business and that of our clients.

Our stakeholders work with us for who we are. We collaborate with a range of partners to create a unique offering and we feel supported in this endeavour, enjoying the fulfilling and highly productive relationships we build as a result. Our partnerships are transformational also.


We chose our suppliers who add value to us as a business and with whom we work on a long-term basis. We highly value our interactions with suppliers, working with complete openness and transparency in building our relationships with them.

We learn from them and they learn from us. We share great practice, working positively and constructively for each other’s business.

We celebrate success together and identify ways in which our relationships can constantly evolve and improve. We move forward together.


We as individuals should feel safe, secure, respected and valued. Simple.

As individuals promoting our business, we should feel comfortable that all of our business practice is aligned to our positions and that our employment and engagement practice is lawful.

We can only build trust and operate with integrity if our people believe we, the business, will support them when something doesn't feel right. We should all therefore, feel confident and able to speak up when we need to.

Making a decision to speak up is not easy, we recognise that, so the following may help guide you:

  • If something does not feel right, consider what that looks like. Understanding what makes you feel uneasy or uncomfortable will help you articulate clearly when raising the issue. Break it down and consider what you believe the issue to be;

  • Ask yourself ‘where does this need to go?’ We have any number of documented resources to help you define and decide where you need to raise an issue. BUT these should not slow you down. These simply provide us with a pathway to resolve objectively and constructively. Speak to someone to get things moving. Speak up and use your voice. Get support.

  • Who to talk to? Always be aware that you can raise issues under our Grievance Procedure and this is in place to help you raise issues confidentially, regardless of the reasons. Our Dignity At Work Policy, as well as the Diversity Policy also provide processes for you to reference. However, you can always approach in the first instance via email, telecon or in person:
    • your sector lead;

    • your people manager;

    • the people director;

    • a partner;

    • CFO; or

    • COO.

The following table may help guide you to direct your issue:




Employment or engagement

People manager

People director


People director


Client / stakeholder

Sector lead


Sector lead


Business manager

People manager





Company operations

Sector lead

People manager


Ethics & Risk

Sector lead


Ethics & Risk

We recognise that speaking up can make you feel anxious and uncomfortable. Therefore, when you do speak up, know that your issue will be taken seriously and will be dealt with confidentiality.

You can raise issues in the absence of fear from any form of victimisation or retaliation for having done so. Any retaliation will not be tolerated.


We are all expected to ensure this Code is complied with and promoted. We uphold our values through our positions and we all take joint responsibility for doing so.

This Code will form a cornerstone of our practice, delivered through our onboarding process, as well as ongoing development programmes and both internal and external communications.

We all work to uphold the Code and what it stands for in our everyday work.

When we believe or feel that the code is in some way being broken or there is a failure to comply with the Code or something does not feel right, we all have a voice and must speak up.


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