Sage, UK

Empowering multidisciplinary teams at Sage to form a new, data-led strategy

The problem

Sage is a rapidly growing FTSE-100 listed enterprise software provider based in the UK. Sage has a clear vision - to become a great, customer-centred software-as-a-service company.

Public Digital were engaged to review data strategy and recommend approaches that would create a more innovative, profitable and resilient business in an era of increased change.

What Public Digital did

  1. 1We conducted 17 interviews, which covered a mixture of roles within Sage: Executive Committee members and a cross-section of practitioners and leaders
  2. 2We reviewed data strategy and made recommendations to support Sage’s focus on growing its successful cloud services business
  3. 3We used an exploratory approach to develop recommendations covering practice, process, organisation and strategy

What Sage achieved

The executive team has a more adaptable and data-centred approach to strategy:

Learning and adapting faster with simpler strategic communication and by placing data and user behaviour at the heart of decision-making.

Trusting the team, not the process: create more multidisciplinary teams and empower them to adapt strategies to create the maximum value for users and growth for Sage.

Thinking critically about risk and opportunity: encourage teams to be entrepreneurial. Use qualitative user research, critical thinking and data to create and test hypotheses.

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