We help education providers and systems rethink how they deliver value and impact amid rapid change.

Technology and globalisation are disrupting many of the old assumptions about high quality education: who buys it, who supplies it, and how it is delivered.

While customer expectations are changing, many teaching, research and publication cycles reflect an earlier age.

We work with universities and other academic institutions to build their digital capability, and become more fast-moving and responsive without sacrificing academic quality.

What we do

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    We review university and other education organisations’ digital and technology maturity.

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    We redefine institutions’ digital and service strategy to respond to rapid changes in technology and student expectations.

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    We redesign university operating models so they can respond faster to user needs, embedding multidisciplinary teams and internet-era skills in their ways of working.

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    We review and reduce the risk associated with big investment and IT programmes, helping universities become better customers of technology vendors.

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Meet the team

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Our experience

We bring senior leadership experience at both Chief Digital Officer and governance levels at leading universities.

We have led major transformations and provided programme assurance for higher education institutions and research funding councils. 

Our recent work includes leading wholesale service transformation at The Open University, the UK’s largest university and the only one dedicated to exclusively remote learning. 

We have also led reviews of universities’ technology estates and reform to programme governance. Since 2018, we have been supporting UK Research and Innovation on its transition to single consolidated funding model for academic research in the UK.

Diamond Light Source

Starting small to go faster at UKRI

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Service design

We help organisations make their services simpler, faster and more impactful by focussing their teams on users’ needs.

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A service design exercise with artifacts and port-its.
Service design exercise with large education provider
Public Digital and an education client in a culture workshop
Culture workshop with a large education client
Introducing new ways of working
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Internet-era ways of working

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PD team at work

Introducing the Public Digital positions

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A quadrant splitting services depending on their nature and volume

How to prioritise your services, and your effort

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