Abisọla Fatokun

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Abisọla Fatokun is an enterprise digital transformation specialist with extensive public sector experience. He previously worked with the UK Government Digital Service’s Service Standards team ensuring that standards are met, and with the Ministry of Justice Digital & Technology team where he worked with senior leaders at the Legal Aid Agency, helping them to change to a service-led approach. Abisọla has also worked at KPMG, Accenture and BSkyB (now Sky).

In 1999, Abisọla founded the first web development company in Nigeria, which he later sold. Currently based in London, he remains an advisor at Neon Ventures and co-founder at Energy360 Africa. He also helped to build the technology team at Wealth.NG, which creates products focused on financial education and inclusion.

Abisọla constantly thinks about how governments in Africa can improve services for their citizens, and is keen to get more Africans involved in, and contributing to, technology.

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  • Diversity in organisational change
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