Dai is Consulting Chief Technology Officer and a digital transformation consultant.

He is a highly experienced technologist, specialising in leveraging digital and technology solutions for large and complex organisations. His expertise lies in advising on legacy technology, delivering public cloud integration, and building strong digital teams.

As a long-standing member of Public Digital’s network, Dai has worked with a broad slate of clients including the Phoenix Group, HSBC, and global governments. As a consultant, he currently supports our Americas team.

In his work with Public Digital, Dai has acted as Interim Executive Director with the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) in Nova Scotia, leading the mission to modernise and transform the Registry. Under his leadership, the RMV has seen the establishment of a new digital team with new ways of working. Dai has defined the role of a Chief Digital Officer within the Registry, and recruited senior roles including a permanent executive. He was also Interim Head of Digital at Sellafield nuclear plant, where he helped establish internet-era ways of working as part of a 200-year-long mission to clear up the nuclear site.

Dai was one of the founders of the Government Digital Service, where, as Head of Technology, he led the technology teams responsible for delivering the GOV.UK website. He has since steered large-scale transformation projects across the UK public sector, managing the migration of legacy technology at the Legal Aid Agency, as well as delivering new digital services at the DVLA in Swansea.

He was previously an advisor to Centre of Digital Public Services in Wales, and holds the position of Independent Member of Digital on the Aneurin Bevan University Health boards, Wales’ largest NHS health board.