Andie is a public policy expert who works with governments in Africa to deliver value for citizens through digital service delivery.

She serves as a critical friend to clients, developing a shared understanding of the opportunities and barriers to transformation, and the ways in which they can generate improved outcomes for users. As an expert in program management, open governance, and capacity building, Andie leads the introduction of new and sustainable ways of working within public sector teams. She is also a specialist in open data and data management, supporting governments to deliver impactful change through data.

Andie leads our engagement in Edo State, Nigeria, where we are working to establish the Edo Digital and Data Management Agency (Edo DiDA), a digital agency which aims to generate value for its citizens through digital service delivery. She has been instrumental in supporting civil servants to devise a mandate and draft a bill for establishing the Agency.

Prior to joining Public Digital, Andie worked in public sector advisory roles with sub-national and national governments, including serving as community and capacity building manager and subsequently program manager for Africa at Open Contracting Partnership (OCP). Her work has focused heavily on gender responsive procurement policy reforms, including undertaking a joint project with UN Women producing a policy brief on gender responsive procurement.