Thinking aloud

Making policy in a digital government

It's hard to say exactly when a government becomes “digital.” You could try looking at the UN’s e-Government survey, perhaps, or examining the health of your flagship technology projects. If you are a policymaker, you know it’s working when your job changes. And if your job isn’t changing, the chances are you are getting in the way of the development of digital government.
Thinking aloud

Adding value, by adding values

This week I had the great honour of being named by the RSA as the first Royal Designer for Industry for Service Design. My hope is to inspire the next generation of designers, just as the current Royal Designers for Industry have inspired me. Receiving the honour set me thinking about service design as an industry and a profession, and how we interpret it at Public Digital. This post is my first attempt at articulating those thoughts. I’ve been thinking...

How Mexico does the hard work to make things simple Here's the third film we shot at the Harvard event earlier this year. It's another wonderful short story of a team doing the hard work to make things simple. In Mexico, it used to be very difficult to get a replacement for a lost or damaged birth certificate. People had to physically travel back to the state they were born in, apply for a replacement certificate, and wait. In this film, Yolanda Martínez, the National Digital Strategy Coordinator at MexicoDigital, explains...