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Claire Freund

Claire has been working in user experience and digital transformation since before the terms were coined. She’s worked across many industries but her main focus is always to instil a close working relationship between UX design and research.

Her most formative years as a user researcher were at Flow Interactive, an early UX specialist agency in London. During that time, she worked with brands such as BBC, Vodafone, Royal Mail, and the Department for Education and Skills.

Claire managed all UX activities for a large internal CRM project at Reuters, and led the redesign across Carphone Warehouse’s european websites. At NEST pensions she became fascinated with holistically integrating research into company's activities. Recently, she spent 2 years setting up standards and working practices for Boehringer Ingelheim in Germany and their many partner agencies.

Claire has a Master's degree in Information Processing: Computers and the Man-Machine Interface. She currently lives in France.

Ask Claire about:

  • when, why and how to do UX research
  • transforming UX research into design decisions
  • disseminating a UX culture throughout an organisation
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