Alpha, beta, live, lobster

A week or so ago, you might have seen some of the Public Digital team getting excited on Twitter following the publication of a blog post by our friend Natasha Clarke, Chief Digital Officer for the province of Nova Scotia. There’s good reason for our excitement: Natasha was announcing the newly-created Nova Scotia Digital Service (NSDS).

Platforms, agile, trust, teams and werewolves

Sometimes you go to conferences or meetups and they feel like a bit of a chore. You end up listening to a lot of PR spin from people who only want to share the best good news they’ve got. They’re usually under pressure to show their best side, and to sell their own success. We get why that happens, but it can be a dull experience if you’re in the audience. It wasn't like that at the Digital Services Convening...

How we helped set up the Ontario Digital Service

A few weeks ago, the Ontario Digital Service published its Digital Action Plan, opening with this statement: “We are redesigning government for a digital world. The goal is simpler, faster and better end-to-end services across a people-centered government.” In her statement at the beginning, Chief Digital Officer Hillary Hartley added: “How might we create simpler, faster, better services for Ontarians, together? By delivering. By being willing to try new approaches. By working out loud, and in the open, to share lessons learned...

Digital service delivery in the Peruvian government

Sometimes the problem isn’t building a great team, because you already have one. Sometimes it’s not showing you can deliver good things, because you’ve already done that. Sometimes, the biggest problem is deciding where and how to focus your efforts next. That’s what happened when we went to help a government team in Peru. Step 1: a better website We were involved with the team early on, starting in February 2017. We helped with hiring, including the team leader Daniella Raffo Porcari. The...