Postal de Colombia

¿Qué hacen cuatro abogados y un ingeniero en una misma habitación? Parece el inicio de una adivinanza, pero no lo es. Es simplemente lo que está pasando en uno de los equipos de gobierno de Colombia. Están juntando personas de diferentes disciplinas, que nunca se pensaron como colegas, trabajando codo a codo. Eso ya parece transformación para nosotros. 

Postcard from Colombia

What happens when you put four lawyers and an engineer in the same room? It sounds like the start of a riddle, but it’s not. It is what is happening right now in one of the Colombian government teams. They are bringing together people from different disciplines, who never considered themselves colleagues, and got them working working side by side. The result looks like transformation to us.
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Être stagiaire chez Public Digital

J’ai passé la plupart de cet été travaillant en tant que stagiaire chez Public Digital. Il est maintenant temps de réfléchir à ces trois mois, et de faire le point sur ce qui s’est passé. J’ai vraiment apprécié le temps chez Public Digital; je me suis réjouis tous les matins d’aller au travail - une chose que je n'entends pas souvent quand mes camarades d’uni racontent de leurs expériences. 
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Life as an intern at Public Digital

I spent most of this summer working as an intern Public Digital, so it is time to reflect on those three months, and take stock of what actually happened. My internship has been a true pleasure, and I found myself actually looking forward to going to work - which is not something I heard often from my fellow graduates about their experiences.