Thinking aloud

How executives can support teams and change institutional ways of working

Executives who bring in agile service design teams don’t always know what’s needed to support these teams to deliver outcomes at scale. It’s not realistic to expect to change the culture of an organisation while requiring new teams to work within existing IT portfolio management, target architecture or operating models and red-amber-green project control. In this post I’ll explain tactics for executives to help tackle key problems with organisational structures and practices that get in the way of creating good products...

Coronavirus: hablando con los equipos digitales en América Latina y el Caribe

El 24 de abril realizamos un webinar junto con Red Gealc y con el apoyo del BID sobre buenas prácticas y referencias globales de gobierno digital en la crisis del COVID-19. Participaron más de 50 personas representantes de los países miembros de la Red de Gobierno Electrónico de América Latina y el Caribe. Estuvimos conversando durante una hora sobre las mejores respuestas a la crisis del coronavirus que diferentes gobiernos fueron creado en las últimas semanas, cómo lo hicieron y...

Introducing Clement Uwajeneza, our affiliate

Hello, my name's Clement. I've been leading technology companies in Rwanda for the last 15 years and I recently became a Public Digital affiliate. Public Digital’s international development work has grown and to reflect this, so has the team of locally based affiliates. Emily and Claire from PD are based in London, while I’m based in Rwanda.  Background and beliefs I started my career as an entrepreneur when I founded AxIS, a software engineering services company back in 2005. Our goal...