Alpha, beta, live, lobster

A week or so ago, you might have seen some of the Public Digital team getting excited on Twitter following the publication of a blog post by our friend Natasha Clarke, Chief Digital Officer for the province of Nova Scotia. There’s good reason for our excitement: Natasha was announcing the newly-created Nova Scotia Digital Service (NSDS).

The Citizen-Centric Government: Creating delightful customer experiences for citizens around life-events

Inevitably, governments can’t always give their citizens what they want, but it is increasingly unforgivable that they cannot give citizens what they need. Along with handwritten letters and video rental, citizen perceptions of government as stable and reliable have fallen victim to the modern era. In a world in which trust has declined and remains low, governments are finding that the status quo no longer suffices: people are less tolerant of slow-moving bureaucracy, defective technology and wasted taxpayer money.