Thinking aloud

Making policy in a digital government

It's hard to say exactly when a government becomes “digital.” You could try looking at the UN’s e-Government survey, perhaps, or examining the health of your flagship technology projects. If you are a policymaker, you know it’s working when your job changes. And if your job isn’t changing, the chances are you are getting in the way of the development of digital government.
Thinking aloud

Making the most of a moment for change

One unexpected privilege of digital government going global is that we get to meet people who have come to London to see for themselves what worked (and what didn’t) here.  Last month, our partners at BCG hosted Hon. Gobind Singh Deo, the recently appointed Malaysian Minister of Communications and Multimedia. They invited Emma and I to tell him and his team some stories about the early days of digital government in the UK. We talk a lot about making the most...

Making transformation last

Last year, we spent some time working with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), a multilateral organisation owned by 48 different countries. Earlier this month, they published a report we wrote called How to Achieve and Sustain Digital Transformation. 2018 is a big year for elections in Latin America. The region’s three giants - Brazil, Colombia and Mexico - are either going to the polls, or will do soon. With that in mind, the IDB asked us to summarise what...