About pdlink.co

If you’ve found this page, it’s because you’ve clicked an example link using the pdlink.co URL shortener.

URL shorteners are convenient tools for making long web page URLs easier to use for people who have to read them, then type them into a browser on a device.

Typically, a URL might appear in a book like this: pdlink.co/like-this

And when entered into a browser, will automatically send the reader on to the correct destination page, which might well have a much longer and hard-to-type URL.

Public Digital is using pdlink.co as its own in-house URL shortening service.

pdlink.co belongs to Public Digital

Most commercial URL shorteners use tracking tools to gather data about people clicking on their short links.

Public Digital decided to create its own URL shortener so that we could publish URLs in books and other printed material, and send our readers to the correct destination pages, without exposing them to unnecessary trackers from third-party services.

Public Digital does not track users of pdlink.co URLs, but it does keep a count of how many times each link is used.